Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What the public wants

~From Roots of the Classicalby Peter Van der Merwe, page 85:

Historians owe a great debt to Joan Ambrosio Dalza... We should be thankful that his intention was not to be clever or original, but merely to turn an honest penny by giving the public what it wanted.

Oh, how many 'serious' composers loathe the idea! Heck, I might loathe the idea too, but I am in the fortunate state of sharing at least a portion of the modern public's tastes, so I believe my work suffers considerably less...

Still, it seems interesting that many 'serious' composers would rather shun the public's tastes in this day and age when it's rather doubtful any of it will be forgotten by history by its merely being shunned by anyone. Then again, maybe that's why it's shunned.



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